NanoGene Diagnostics is a full- service diagnostic Anatomical Pathology and molecular genetic laboratory that understands the importance of timely results.

 Our priority is to provide comfort to patients by delivering same-day reporting that includes the following:


As a leading oncology testing provider, we strive to simplify cancer diagnosis by offering detailed and illustrative reporting systems. Our aim is to empower our colleagues in the field of oncology and pathology to provide the best possible care to patients. We understand that timely and accurate results are crucial to enable quick decisions and minimize long hospital stays or missed opportunities for targeted therapy.


At NanoGene, we are committed to providing our colleagues with the most advanced and comprehensive test menu available in the Gulf region, setting a high standard for excellence in care. Our goal is to equip you and your patients with the tools needed to optimize care and achieve the best possible outcomes.


At Nanogene, we provide continuous diagnostic services that help clinicians and hospitals achieve faster and more efficient diagnoses, reduce hospital stays, and deliver accurate results to patients and physicians.


Apheresis Services

Therapeutic Apheresis: We are excited to introduce our new Apheresis Service at NanoGene. Apheresis is a procedure designed to remove specific undesirable elements from patients' bloodstream. Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of apheresis services, including: Plasmapheresis


Anatomical Pathology Services

At NanoGene, we welcome primary diagnoses and second opinions in our laboratory. We offer a second opinion from world-class sub-specialized experts to provide patients and physicians with peace of mind that their treatment plan is on the right track.


Renal Pathology Services

Renal Pathology is a diagnostic service that specializes in diagnosing medical and transplant disorders of the kidney. It offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and consultation services. Our team uses state-of-the-art laboratories, including digital immunofluorescence and high-voltage transmission electron microscopes, to ensure accurate diagnoses.


Hematopathology Services

The service offers diagnosis and treatment for blood, bone marrow, and lymph node disorders. Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive reporting system that integrates flow cytometry, cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics, and histopathology into one report in a timely manner. This approach allows for a complete picture of the patient's condition to ensure that patients receive the best care right away.


Every day, we help healthcare providers treat patients through early detection testing. From specialty diagnostics to cutting-edge science in oncology, chronic diseases, and more, we never stop delivering innovative resources.

We Deliver Superior Diagnostic Accuracy

At Nanogene Diagnostics, we offer a comprehensive test menu of the highest standards available in the Gulf region. Our aim is to equip our colleagues and patients with the best tools to optimize their care. Our diagnostic services are conducted by American Board-certified pathologists who have been trained in leukemia and lymphomas at some of the best institutions in North America. We take pride in our hand-selected team of healthcare experts who can quickly and accurately deliver results.

Whether you're a healthcare provider, drug developer, hospital, medical researcher, or patient, we promise to work tirelessly to bring you trusted information to make clear, confident decisions for a healthier future.

Some of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Medical & Transplant Kidney Diseases
  • Bone Marrow pathology
  • Peripheral blood hematologic disorders
  • Lymph Node pathology
  • Solid Tumor Profile Testing

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