We Deliver Superior Diagnostic Accuracy

NanoGene Diagnostics is a specialized Anatomical Pathology laboratory with a focus in Medical Oncology. We’re experts in Medical Kidney Diseases, Bone Marrow, Blood, Lymph Node pathology, as well as Solid Tumor Profile Testing. We utilize state of the art, FDA-approved technology to provide comprehensive, reliable, and fast consultative services that will enable you to take care of your patients.

As leaders in oncology testing in the USA, we strive to remove the complexity of every cancer diagnosis by providing detailed illustrative reporting systems, empowering our oncologist and pathologist colleagues to provide patients with the high-quality care. We value the importance of prompt and dependable results. Our team of oncologists act swiftly to minimize lengthy hospital stays and ensure that patients do not miss out on any available targeted therapies.

At Nanogene Diagnostics, we are committed to providing our colleagues with the most advanced and comprehensive test menu in the Gulf region, held to the highest standard. This allows both you and your patients to have access to the tools necessary for optimizing care.

Nanogene offers continuous diagnostic services that aid clinicians and hospitals in achieving faster and more efficient diagnoses. This, in turn, helps to improve hospital length of stay and deliver superior, accurate results to both patients and physicians.


How We Do It

At Nanogene Diagnostics, we are affiliated with a group of highly knowledgeable pathologists in North America. All of our pathologists are American Board-certified in their respective specialties. We understand the importance of collaborating with top-tier pathologists to bring best practices to the region.

Meet Our Team


Every day, we help healthcare providers treat patients through early detection testing. From specialty diagnostics to cutting-edge science in oncology, chronic diseases, and more, we never stop delivering innovative resources.