NanoLink Client Portal

The NanoLink portal simplifies communication with our colleagues and doctor's offices, providing easy access to the following features:

  • Enter case information and print a complete, filled-out requisition form to include with the specimen.
  • After entering case information, click "send" and our laboratory will be notified of the new specimen awaiting pick-up. No need to call or send a message; a courier pick-up will be scheduled on the same day, and a notification message will be sent to you with the pick-up time.
  • Look up the test menu, download the requisition form, and review specimen requirements.
  • Add or cancel any test at any time through the client portal.
  • Upload patient clinical notes and lab information directly from your EMR, eliminating the need for printing.
  • After completing the review, all patient results and reports are available for download on the client portal. Results will be available for up to two years' worth of data. Please contact the lab for older reports.
  • Message the lab or our pathologists through the client portal, which is secured and HIPAA-compliant.
  • Receive invoices and payment methods through the client portal.

Easy and Intuitive Solution for All of Your Patient Reports 

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  • Our client portal offers a user-friendly solution for downloading and storing your patient reports. Each office has its own client server, ensuring secure access to patient information.


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