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Apheresis Services

Therapeutic Apheresis: We are excited to introduce our new Apheresis Service at NanoGene. Apheresis is a procedure designed to remove specific undesirable elements from patients' bloodstream. Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of apheresis services, including: Plasmapheresis, Red-cell Exchange and Red-cell Depletion/Exchange, Cellular apheresis (platelet or leuko-pheresis), Photopheresis


Anatomical Pathology Services

We are committed to embracing advances in therapeutics, which have proven to be crucial in improving cancer survival rates. We follow the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines for diagnosing and reporting pathology, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and consistency in our services.


Renal Pathology Services

Our multi-specialty renal pathology team and comprehensive approach offers the ideal environment to promptly diagnose common as well as rare and complex cases. This testing can play an essential role in the early detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of kidney and other health problems.


Hematopathology Services

Our service is conducted by American Board certified Hematopathologists who have received further training in the best institutions in North America. We do our best to comfort our patients with same-day report that include flow cytometry, morphology, and IHC results. 


Results within 3 Business Days.|
Quantitative and Qualitative results


PAP & HPV Testing Services

The goal of screening for cervical cancer is to find precancerous cervical cell changes, so treatment can prevent cervical cancer from developing. Cervical cancer found at an early stage is usually easier to treat. The main ways to screen for cervical cancer are through Pap and HPV testing.


Tech-Only Services

We provide whole slide imaging of bright field (HE, IHC and Special Stains) or immunofluorescence whole-slide images configured to scan FITC, GFP and other fluorochromes with a multiband filter, single scanning for multi-colors.


Every day, we help healthcare providers treat patients through early detection testing. From specialty diagnostics to cutting-edge science in oncology, chronic diseases, and more, we never stop delivering innovative resources.