Hematopathology Services

This service is responsible for the diagnosis and subsequent evaluation of a spectrum of malignant and non-malignant hematologic disorders, including lymphomas, leukemias, and other causes of tumor formation arising from abnormal hematopoiesis. The types of patient samples include lymph node, bone marrow, and other soft tissue biopsies and aspirates, blood smears, and other body fluids such as cerebrospinal fluid and pleural and peritoneal effusions.

NanoGene provide full-range of hematopathology service that includes:

  • Histology


  • Flow Cytometry

  • Cytogenetic (Karyotype & FISH)

  • Molecular Analysis (RNA & gene panels)


Do you know that one in every four blood cancer patients’ diagnosis is delayed or misclassified? At NanoGene we get it right from the start by combing cutting-edge technology, unparalleled pathologist expertise, and a personalized patient centered approach for every patient.


At Nanogene, our culture is centered around care. We strive to create a brighter, more hopeful future for patients with hematologic malignancies. Our laboratory is dedicated to tackling the issue of delayed and misdiagnosed hematologic malignancies, which affects thousands of patients around the world each year.


At NanoGene, we incorporate all diagnostic modalities including flow cytometry, IHC, flow cytometry, FISH, cytogenetic karyotype and for the first time in optical genome mapping and NGS in one report. Our hematopathologist staff at Nanogene work together to generate the most comprehensive actionable diagnosis so you can rest assure and take care of your patients.

How It Works:

Superior Quality

Our service is conducted by American Board certified Hematopathologists who received further training in leukemia lymphomas in best institutions in North America. We are very selective in our team and take bride that they are all highly educated, superb communicators, and easy to work with.

Faster turn-around time

The hardest waiting period in patients’ life is the timeframe from he/she receive bone marrow biopsy till they receive biopsy result. Therefore, we do our best to comfort our patient with same-day report that include flow cytometry, morphology and IHC results.

Comprehensive Flow Cytometry

We offer same-day flow cytometry report. Our report is supplemented by the full histogram PDF report which can be offered as technical-only service.

Chromosome Analysis, FISH and OGM

For the first time in the UAE we provide all these services in one report. Optical genome mapping (OGM) is a non-sequencing enables high-resolution structure variant (SV) profiling. Depending on the workup needed, reports take 2 to 5 days to complete. Our final report includes images of all the findings and accessibility to digital platform.

  • Click here to download our Hematopathology Brochure.
  • Click here for example of peripheral smear report.
  • Click here for example of bone marrow sample report.
  • Click here for example of our technical-only slide report

(please click on the weblink within the report to access our digital slide report)

Flow Cytometry

  • Click here for example of a CLL flow cytometry report.
  • Click here for example of an LGL report.
  • Click here for example of a large B-cell lymphoma using Cell Painting technique.
  • Click here for a download of list of our antibody panels.


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