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Through our Nanogene Solution assays, we offer a state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared for clinical testing, genetic solution that guarantees peace of mind and prompt answers to your inquiries. Recognizing the significance of time, we take pride in being the first laboratory in the UAE to acquire the GENEXUS instrument, allowing us to deliver same-day results for multigene panels, and eliminating the delays caused by sample batching and library preparation. We are committed to delivering results within 1-3 days of sample collection, making us the sole laboratory in the region to promise such efficiency.

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Heme-Oncology Genomic Profiling

Nanogene-Lymphoid Assay

This panel aims to further classify Diffuse Large B-cell lymphoma, Hodgkin Lymphomas and other low-grade lymphomas.The Nanogene Lymphoma Panel includes 25 gene.

  • ARID1A

  • ATM

  • B2M

  • BCL2

  • BCL6

  • BRAF

  • BTK

  • CARD11

  • CD79B

  • CDKN2A


  • EZH2

  • GNA13

  • HIST1H1E

  • KMT2D

  • MTOR

  • MYC

  • MYD88

  • PIM1

  • SF3B1

  • SOCS1


  • TNFRSF14

  • TP53

  • XPO1

This panel comprises 976 amplicons

Sample type :

Fine needle aspirate (FNA) samples.

FFPE samples (≥5 unstained slides and one H&E slide), especially small biopsies with low-DNA and questionable lymphoma vs reactive diagnosis.

Assay Design

  • Record MYC amplification, our report will include copy numbers.

  • Detect BCL2 and BCL6 translocations, deletions, and gene amplifications.

  • Identify BRAF mutations to confirm a diagnosis of Hairy cell leukemia.

  • Identify MYD88 mutations to differentiate between Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma and other types of low-grade B-cell lymphoma.

  • Prognostic information in CLL.

Please specify the type of lymphoma to be able to guide your prognostic report information.

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Nano-Solid Tumor Assay:

Nanogene Solid Tumor (large panel) 500 gene Assay: Coming Soon!


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