Renal Pathology

At NanoGene, we are committed to assisting our pathologists and clinical colleagues in providing superior quality of care. We are proud to extend our 20 years’ experience in providing renal pathology services to pathologists and nephrologists in the region. We understand the importance of delivering accurate kidney biopsy results in a timely manner. At Nanogene we process and read kidney biopsy in house; no more shipping or splitting samples to ensure accurate results.

We can be reached on the phone, and we can schedule a virtual tour to discuss the biopsy findings while reviewing slides on the digital pathology platform. That will give the feeling of reviewing your patient’s material with the pathologist on the multi-head scope while you do not have to leave your office.

Our Services

Each one of these services can be offered globally, where interpretation will be rendered by our pathologist, or as technical-only services if the referring pathologist prefers to review the sample on their own. We provide whole slide image scans and a complete PDF report of electron microscope images. We can also ship slides to the referring pathologist, keep in mind that immunofluorescence slides fade and ideally should be reviewed within 12 hours under a dark field microscope. Therefore, we recommend you take advantage of our digital immunofluorescence platform.

  • Light Microscopy

  • Immunofluorescence

  • Electron Microscopy

Services We Offer

The first call to deliver the results is one of the most exciting parts of renal pathology, and it sets us apart from our competitors. Our Nephrologist will receive a call with preliminary actionable findings within 12-24 hours of receiving the sample. We often provide a detailed discussion of what the biopsy shows, followed by a detailed report with images and a link to virtual slide review. This approach allows for an in-depth assessment of kidney parenchyma's chronicity, viability, and the extent of kidney disease, directly from your computer screen.

Our transplant biopsy result is ready same day. Our report includes a C4d stain on both FFP and fresh tissue samples. Please Note: A transplant pathology workup often does not require electron microscope examination unless there is consideration of recurrent glomerulonephritis or a history of proteinuria.  All transplant biopsies will be processed for routine morphology and IF only unless otherwise indicated.

Our reports are well written and includes multiple images of pertinent pathology information. Each report will also include a link to our digital image database available for a minimum of 5 days after initial sign-out. Our client portal enables users to caption images and send messages to our pathology team for any details.

All biopsies are reviewed and signed out by pathologists certified by College of American Pathologists. Our renal pathologists have completed a minimum of an extra year of post-residency training in renal and transplant pathology. We've partnered with a top-tier team of pathologists with experience in some of the largest U.S. academic centers. For more details, please refer to our team.


Our team of pathologists welcome second opinion comparisons with previous biopsies.

Please contact our laboratory and furnish us with the patient's demographics, and details of the previous biopsy reading location. Our team will reach out to the pathology department and arrange for the delivery of the pathology reports to our laboratory at no extra cost. You can also submit the request online through our Portal.

Each report will include a morphological comparison of the previous biopsy findings with the current findings, to ensure a comprehensive analysis of the patient's disease status.

Sample Requirements:

3-4 needle cores submitted fresh or as follows:

  • White Top

    Best 1-2 cores with the largest number of glomeruli submitted in formaldehyde

  • Blue Top

    Second best core submitted for IF processing in Michael’s solution 

  • Green Top

    Third core in Zeiss Fixative

  • Both bottles need to be labeled with patient identifiers 

Please note that we can perform both immunofluorescence and electron microscopy on formalin-fixed samples. However, for the best quality results, we recommend that you separate the cores into three containers. Please contact the laboratory to request renal biopsy kits.

Clinical Information

Our colleagues have access to Nano-Port, a very dynamic portal that enables hospitals to upload patient information, clinical notes, lab results, directly from the comfort of their screen. No need to print clinical notes. Requisitions can also be filled up electronically.

Our Services

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